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TIP provides a broad range of leasing solutions for your equipment. In fact, with one of the largest fleets, we are one of Europe’s largest transport equipment leasing companies. Our leasing solutions will provide you with many benefits, especially if you need an asset for part of its economic life. As your leasing company, TIP can purchase each asset specifically for you. Under our leasing agreement, you pay lease rates over an agreed period of time. Although you never own the asset, you have full use of it during the lease period.

TIP has more than 50,000 units in our transport equipment fleet, but if you can’t find the particular asset type you are looking for or require more information, please contact us. We will be happy to provide details of other assets available to meet your needs

Below you can find our different leasing solutions available:


Operating lease

Operating lease is off balance sheet leasing, with flexible terms, which can be complimented with value-added services. Operating lease is particularly effective for high-value assets, like trucks and trailers or specialised assets you need to support a specific contract. Lease rates are based on the value of the asset over the period you require it. As a result, you can link lease rates directly to the revenue your asset generates.

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Finance lease

Does your company lack the scale and expertise to reduce cost of ownership or suffer as a result of a challenging banking environment? The finance lease solution offered by our banking partners is the best way forward.

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Sale and lease back

When you choose sale and lease back from TIP, you will benefit from our years of expertise in the industry. We will buy your assets at a fair market price and lease these assets back to you for a fixed monthly lease rate, freeing up your invested capital and optimising your capital position.

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