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Six reasons to do business with TIP

Flexibility and Competitive Pricing
Whether you need immediate access to trailers or wish to change asset type at short notice, we can offer you a totally flexible solution at very competitive rates.

Dedicated Customer Service Delivery
With our world class customer service teams across Europe, you can rest assured that, with us, all of our rental trailers are maintained to the highest standards, ensuring total operating efficiency throughout our fleet. We view trailer uptime as the standard!

A risk-free journey
With our Damage Protection service, your rental equipment is protected against additional costs resulting from damage, fire and even loss of equipment. In this way, you can focus on the transport and do not have to worry about any ‘what if’s’. With a trailer from TIP, you know you have the best trailer, the best service and the best coverage in case of an incident.

A broad network to benefit from
We have operations in 16 countries in Europe and have a large network of 6,000 vendors located throughout these countries. You are assured of convenience and flexibility as we have the capabilities to serve you wherever you need us. Furthermore, our business scale allows us to provide you with competitive offerings in the market.

We have breadth and depth of offering
We have European reach, product and service portfolio breadth and scale that allows us to provide you with flexible solutions whenever and wherever you need it. We operate with a preventative maintenance policy to align with operational requirements. With our Roadside assistance service, you can rely on our experienced Roadside Assistance service. We provide full support, seven days a week, around the clock.

Ability to choose the trailer that fits your demands
At TIP, you will be talking to trailer experts who can help you in finding a solution that fits your needs. Whether you need a reefer, a curtainsider or a tilt, we will be able to help you as our asset fleet is one of the largest in Europe.

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