Our expert lease solutions

Drive your fleet the best way forward

Sale and lease back

When you choose Sale and lease back from TIP, you will benefit from our years of expertise in the industry. We will buy your assets at a fair market price and lease these assets back to you for a fixed monthly lease rate, freeing up your invested capital and optimising your capital position.

This option provides both real and direct measurable benefits. It’s not always easy to measure the true cost of buying, financing, maintaining and disposing of assets. But TIP’s specialists can help you to arrive at the true figures.

Optimise your fleet

You can also benefit from our remarketing expertise for assets that are no-longer required in your fleet or we can replace assets with new, which are often operationally more cost efficient. We can balance your newly optimised fleet with short term rental units to further enhance your fleet efficiency and reduce operational cost.

Like with our other leasing solutions we can offer additional value added services such as; replacement vehicles during repairs, maintenance and repair management, roadside assistance, fleet and tyre management, and telematics for your fleet.

In addition, Sale and lease back:

  • Injects vital capital into your business
  • Strengthens your balance sheet
  • Opens up new lines of credit for business growth and expansion
  • Offers you the option to benefit from a comprehensive maintenance and repairs package

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