Maintenance keeps you going

We offer 'drive-in' or contracted maintenance

Trailer maintenance and repair

We offer a range of services to improve your fleet performance and reduce operating costs, making your operations more agile and profitable.

At TIP, you are able to choose from a wide range of maintenance and repair services for all equipment types across their entire lifecycle, whether this is on a non-contracted or a contracted basis. From MOT inspections to tyre servicing; our maintenance and repairs service provides you with full flexibility in terms of minimizing their trailer downtime through one of Europe’s fastest growing workshop networks.

Experience brings expertise

Our experience in maintaining trailers for more than 45 years provides a solid base with extensive expertise for the maintenance and repairs services we provide. Preventative maintenance services, whether they are performed in one of TIP’s many European workshops or on-site through TIP’s ever-growing fleet of mobile service units, are performed by fully qualified and certified technicians. This enables TIP to provide you with the most flexible service and total peace of mind.

Transparent and flexible

TIP’s maintenance solutions are also designed to give you maximum flexibility. Our standard maintenance rates include all-inclusive fixed rates for most standard maintenance operations related to MOT inspections, equipment checks, EBS/ABS diagnostic, the servicing of brakes, axles, suspensions, signages, electrical components, reefer engines, tail-lifts, or regular body repair work. If desired, billing can be consolidated in single monthly invoices with fully itemised work records to streamline administrative workload and costs. Maintenance rates can also be contractually agreed. For instance, they can be contractually harmonised across multiple locations or agreed on a volume/spend basis.

Benefits of our trailer maintenance and repairs services:

  • Plannable costs due to fixed prices
  • Increased uptime and asset utilisation of your fleet
  • Price stability and predictability of costs
  • A team dedicated to your maintenance and repairs service requirements
  • Enables you to focus on your core business
  • All your safety and compliance requirements are met.

What is included in our Maintenance and repair service?

  • MOT inspections
  • Periodic equipment checks and inspections for brakes, axles and general trailer body based on manufacturers recommendations and expected annual mileage
  • Management of maintenance and repairs
  • Tyre maintenance
  • Roadside assistance services
  • Damage repair management
  • Reefer engine servicing
  • Tail lift servicing

What is included in our trailer services?


At TIP, we have the ability to undertake your trailer fleet statutory testing requirements to country regulation test standard.


  • A comprehensive pre-test technical inspection of your asset to determine pass/fail criteria
  • Completion of the statutory test
  • Online test certification / notification
  • Consolidated invoicing solution to reduce the amount of paperwork you have to process


  • Increased uptime and asset utilisation of your fleet
  • Maintenance planning performed with your convenience in mind
  • Existing administrative expenses are reduced by having us as a single point of contact
  • Consolidated invoicing solutions reduce the amount of paperwork you have to process
  • Flexibility of service location (Workshop or on-site upon request)
  • Document archiving and provision via web access (
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Pre-agreed KPI’s can be set to ensure complete satisfaction

Checks and Inspections

It is not a secret that mistakes in maintenance work can jeopardise an entire operation. Moreover, regulatory compliance, compulsory tests and auxiliary maintenance items, such as tail lifts, are a source of additional complexity. At TIP, we offer a set of resources and tools that enable the optimum management of your fleet to ensure that it is 100% compliant within the rules and regulations of the industry.


  • Increased uptime and asset utilisation of your fleet
  • Maintenance planning performed with your convenience in mind
  • Existing administrative expenses are reduced by having us as a single point of contact
  • Consolidated invoicing solutions reduce the amount of paperwork you have to process
  • Wear parts replacement
  • Flexibility of service location (Workshop or on-site upon request)
  • Document archiving and provision via web access (
  • Pre-agreed KPI’s can be set to ensure complete satisfaction
  • On-site servicing possible for swap bodies upon request

Compliance inspections are standard.

Tt is the planning and delivery that make the real difference to your business.

Worn parts service 

It’s a known fact that the aging of parts and vehicle usage increases the probability of failure over time. A fully comprehensive and proactive maintenance service that includes regular and systematic maintenance of axles, brakes, tyres, refrigeration units and tail lifts can reduce breakdowns and damage due to wear and tear of the vehicle.

At TIP, we provide a range of maintenance solutions to optimise the life, safety and equipment performance. Our preventative and predictive maintenance service improves the reliability of your fleet, reduces risk of equipment failure and improves your total cost of ownership. The service includes all labour and spare parts that are necessary to complete the full service and maintenance required throughout the agreed contract period.

By collecting all relevant data and information from our customers, TIP can efficiently and effectively manage each and every request for assistance and maintenance. In this way, we ensure that our services are managed in a timely manner and to the highest quality!

A preventative approach offers many advantages!

TIP’s specialists ensure the best possible results, every time.


Tyre maintenance 

TIP provides an efficient Tyre maintenance service, which includes everything from reliable tyre availability through to improved uptime and cost reductions!

An important part of the TIP Tyre maintenance service is the continuous analysis, which enables us to identify problems which can be solved by finding alternatives to control your costs.

Integral elements of TIP Tyre maintenance service are:

  • The replacement of worn tyres on your vehicle(s)
  • The necessary regular checks of optimum tyre pressure
  • The visual inspection of the tyres for potential damage

An efficient tyre maintenance service can have a significant effect on any transport and distribution organisation, by reducing overall fuel consumption and the number of break-down situations and by also improving asset utilisation. TIP can ensure that, no matter where your trucks or trailers are located, you will receive consistent service and pricing across our whole European network!


  • Plannable costs via fixed monthly payments
  • Reduced administrative expenses, due to an efficient billing process
  • Price advantages, due to global procurement terms from TIP
  • Single point of contact for all service elements

Trailer damage repair management

Damage repair management

Would you like to improve your damage related management?

Damage repair is unfortunately not always the end of it! Do your repairs often involve a significant amount of administration? Are you getting tired of this difficult and time-consuming process?

TIP’s Damage repair management service is the solution! 

With the Damage repair management service from TIP, we manage the administration of your damages around a simple and convenient damage repair process. In addition to completing the repairs, we document, supervise and control the quality of the repair work that is carried out on your transport vehicles. This allows you to keep a clear overview of the implemented measures in order to mitigate recurring damage costs. Even the invoicing of the repair services is done in a practical way: via a damage account that we administer on your behalf and which is usually settled on a quarterly basis.


  • Fixed price damage repairs
  • Reporting: Clarity as to where, when and how frequently damage occurs
  • Ability to identify recurring damage items and solve the issue
  • A buffer is built up to protect against more serious damage
  • Coordination in the event of a repair
  • Lower administrative expenses

Auxiliary units services 

Reefer and tail lifts

Our Reefer and tail lift service solution is designed to optimise the efficiency of a fleet by minimising operating costs and maximising the value of the equipment. The Reefer and tail lift service will allow you to eliminate non-core tasks such as maintenance planning, scheduling, invoice interpretation and general fleet administration from your daily business operations.

Reefer service includes:

  • Preventive maintenance: prescribed tests for auxiliary refrigeration units
  • Leak test and calibration
  • Service for wear-dependent causes
  • Preventive replacement of worn parts
  • Labour to replace parts
  • Maintenance adjustments to your specific requirements

Tail lift service includes:

  • Regulatory maintenance as required in each country
  • Hydraulic oil change of approximately
  • Check hose connections and cables
  • Remote controls
  • Pivot points
  • Sliding tube cleaning


  • Single point of contact for all servicing needs
  • Access to the purchasing power of TIP
  • Work carried out by product specialists

Roadside assistance

We offer a pan European breakdown recovery service for your transport equipment, with round the clock support, 365 days per year. With the availability of support in 18 national languages, dedicated and experienced TIP staff is able to deliver roadside assistance that gets your drivers back on the road as soon as possible!

It can be extremely difficult to find a roadside assistance provider with 24/7 capabilities anywhere in Europe; especially one that doesn’t charge excessive rates for breakdown incidents abroad. Not to mention one that manages communication difficulties between drivers and service providers. Furthermore, in the event of a breakdown do you lack information to understand the status and progress of the incident?

Roadside assistance benefits

Our roadside assistance solution gives you access to our dense network of partners to put your drivers back on the road as soon as possible. You are assured of low cost through our invoice scrutinisation, local vendor agreements and fixed call out charges. Plus, you are not required to pay a subscription charge and only pay when you actually use the service. You’ll have access to our professional TIP Roadside service centre, with support in 18 different languages. We will keep you up to date with progress on the breakdown incident; a process you can also monitor through our online platform.

We provide you with total peace of mind when you need it most.

Trust TIP Roadside assistance to get you back on the road.

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