Is your trailer ready for the summer?

Is your trailer ready for the summer?

The arrival of summer means different things to different fleet managers. With all the schools across Europe on summer holiday, how will this impact traffic flow and your ability to deliver freight on time by road? Does your trailer maintenance programme ensure that your trailers are ready and robust in the event of being stuck in holiday traffic jams? And when will you, your drivers and trailer maintenance technicians be able to take a summer holiday?

How long is a European summer holiday?

The length of the school summer holiday varies considerably across Europe. It starts anytime between the end of May and the second half of July and ends in late August or early September. In some countries, the school holidays vary according the level of education. So primary school children in Bulgaria enjoy the longest summer holidays of 15 weeks. In Italy, children have 14 weeks off whilst 13 weeks is the norm in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Turkey, Latvia, Lithuania, Portugal and Turkey. Possibly not feeling quite so lucky are children in several German Länder, the Netherlands and the UK who typically have a 6 week summer break. [source: EU]

Summer holiday traffic flow

As summer begins, traffic flow increases to areas that are popular holiday destinations. In parallel, with schools temporarily closed, urban roads become less congested at peak times How do these factors affect route planning for your trailers and deliveries?

“Autoroute du Soleil”

An illustration of holiday routes to avoid is the slow traffic jam on the notorious A7 “Autoroute du Soleil”. This road goes from Lyon through the Rhone valley to Orange and then heads east to the Cote d’Azur. Steer clear of this route, particularly in a south-bound direction from early July when all French schools close and in a northerly direction at the end of August. Otherwise, long delays on the motorway await. Solutions include taking the longer but less congested route over the Alps from Grenoble or travelling at less family-friendly times such as at night.

Trailer Maintenance ahead of peak summer traffic

If your trailers are caught up in peak summer traffic jams, having a trailer maintenance programme in place will minimise the likelihood of experiencing an unexpected trailer breakdown.

A trailer needs constant care and attention. Consider outsourcing the maintenance and repair management programme to reliable, well-qualified experts such as TIP Trailer Services.

TIP proposes a regular scheduled trailer maintenance programme. This will help you anticipate technical issues, keep costs under control and ensure that all trailers are fit for the road in the summer and throughout all the other seasons.

Key trailer maintenance services

The services provided by TIP’s trailer maintenance programme include servicing, repair, regulatory compliance such as MOT, compulsory tests and periodic equipment tests.

The programme also covers tyre maintenance services and access to our Europe-wide roadside assistance services solution 24/7, 365 days per year. We can manage repairs through our fixed price damage repair process. TIP can also take responsibility for much of the non-core and time-consuming elements of your fleet administration.

Are you ready for the summer?

Through its trailer maintenance programme, TIP has a large pool of highly-qualified technicians available to conduct the maintenance of your trailers offering you peace of mind as you plan your staff holidays and prepare your trailer fleet for business over the summer.

Are you ready for the summer?


To find out more about TIP’s Trailer Maintenance and Repair Management services, please contact TIP using this form.

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