Twenty years with TIP – meet Anne-Louise Krüger

Lifelong employment is not very common these days. There are not a lot of people that can say that they celebrate a 20 year anniversary at their workplace. At TIP, we are lucky to have colleagues that do, and one of them is Anne-Louise Krüger. In the below interview, she explains her TIP story:

Describe your current job role? My role is Contract Administration Manager for the Nordic Region

What do you think is important for a company to be aware of, if they want to keep qualified employees? I guess this is unique for everyone, but what is very important for me is to feel appreciated and involved and that I receive opportunities to improve my skills and continuously develop myself.

TIP really is a positive, honest and above all, fun working environment! On top of that TIP supports training and education; I have just recently followed a law school course to support me in my daily activities as a contract administration manager.

What I also really like about TIP is that it is flexible in terms of work schedule, which allows me to benefit from a good work-life balance. I believe every organization needs to think about these types of things if you want to have the commitment and engagement from its employees. For me, company values matter too, like integrity and social responsibility and to have a good strong company culture.

Why do you like working for TIP?

There are many reasons. First of all, I really enjoy and appreciate that I work in a large company that allows me to work with people from different parts of Scandinavia and the rest of Europe.

Secondly, the diversity that we have in our company makes every day more interesting.

I also like the dynamic environment, the energy and the company culture we have; that we have expertise, professionalism and commitment and that we have an open and respectful working climate. I have always been offered plenty of opportunities, so my work has always been interesting and rewarding to me, as I keep learning new things. In addition to that, I have good personal and professional relationships and feel lucky to be working with engaged and talented people in a fun and informal work environment. On top of that, I just really like what I do!

What is the funniest/ strangest thing you have experienced at TIP?

TIP is a really fun place to work and I have many good stories. It is always fun when the Nordic region meet up for the yearly get-together, we definitely know how to have a good time. One good memory is when we the Danish team recorded a music video – Band Aid, “Do they know it’s Christmas time” as a greeting for our customers together with a donation, that was great fun for us and the customers receiving it. But for me it is really just having high-spirited colleagues around me in the everyday life that makes the difference. One thing I find very nice is that many people who have left the company for new opportunities eventually come back to us. If you stay here long enough, like I have, you have the pleasure of working with them again in the future.. I don’t know what it is but it seems like TIP is a hard company to get past and leave behind.

If you should put 3 words on TIP’s journey from when you started until now – what would they be?

Full speed ahead

How do you stay motivated?

I involve myself in new business initiatives and people, seize opportunities and challenges that can improve my skills and develop my role in the company. The engagement and positivity of others also motivates me. Even though we work hard and are busy, we joke around, make fun and are interested in each other’s lives that can be very inspiring too.

In short, I have felt at home from the first day I started at TIP and I think the main reason for that is because everyone here is quite special in his or her own way. Normality is challenged here – and I love that. The people and the possibilities – that is what motivates me the most!

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