The “unfair advantages” of our trailer rental and leasing services

The “unfair advantages” of our trailer leasing services

It is not often that the path taken by Pamela Anderson, world-famous actress, crosses with that of TIP Trailer Services. However, two unlikely worlds collided in January 2018, when, like TIP Trailer Services, Ms. Anderson got involved in “rental and leasing” and offered “unfair advantages” to her clients.

Pamela Anderson, leading actress, renowned for her lead role in “Baywatch” and supporter of several causes including animal rights, now lives in Europe. So she decided to let out her spectacular home in Malibu, Los Angeles County, USA, a stone’s throw from the Pacific Ocean for a handsome $70,000 per month on a short-term rental basis over the summer. For long-term leases, the asking price went down to a more modest $40,000 per month. (source: TMZ)

What are the ”unfair” leasing and rental advantages” that Pamela Anderson and TIP offer?

A brand you can trust

Both Ms Anderson and TIP Trailer Services are established brands, enjoy good reputations and instill trust.

Ms. Anderson has had a long and successful career in entertainment and business and presents herself as a brand. People know what to expect when they see Pamela Anderson in a movie, promoting a fashion brand or being an activist for an issue. The “stardust” effect of her reputation on her Malibu home gives her an “unfair advantage” in attracting renters compared to her lesser-known neighbours.

TIP is celebrating its 50thyear in the trailer rental and leasing business.  Few, if any, companies in our sector, can match this longevity. Fleet managers know that TIP Trailer Services will go out of their way to support their customers, backed by specialist experience and expertise built-up over many decades.

An exciting range of assets

People renting Ms. Anderson’s home have an “unfair advantage”; the opportunity to live in an architecturally dramatic, one-off 5,500 sq. ft (510 sq. m) house. The house includes “floating staircases, massive closets, a Picasso-style tub, a detached guest house, a cool pool, …” (source: TMZ)

TIP Trailer Services provides a different type of “unfair advantage” for their customers, an impressive choice of over 70,000 trailers for lease or rental. They are available in all forms from standard to the more specialist trailers. They include semi-trailers, flatbed, curtainsiders, box trailers, reefers, tankers, tipping powder, non-tipping, containers, moving/walking floor, waste and chemical trailers.

Other TIP “unfair advantages”

TIP Trailer Services rental and leasing is not just about renting or leasing trailer assets. It’s also about taking the weight off the shoulders of fleet managers and drivers with other trailer services that enable them to focus on the parts of their roles that add the most value to their businesses.

These sources of “unfair advantage” for TIP’s rental and leasing customers include TIP’s provision of maintenance, its European roadside assistance, and flexibility.

Subcontract your maintenance

Running your own maintenance and repair workshop can be a drain on your resources. You can invest a lot of management time and overheads in building up, training and retaining a team of specialised trailer mechanics. You can also tie up significant capital in an inventory of spare parts, taking up valuable space in a warehouse. All the capital you put to work here could be invested more profitably in other parts of your business if you subcontract your trailer servicing and repairs to a company such as TIP.

European roadside assistance

Another “unfair advantage” that TIP shares with its rental and leasing customers is access to its European roadside assistance network. TIP has a network of its own workshops across Europe and access to local partners that can quickly come to the rescue. They operate in 16 countries across Europe, round the clock and 365 days per year. This network consists of over 5,000 workshops including mobile service vans.

We know that your time out with breakdowns costs you revenue. Which is why our mobile service vans are at the frontline of our response to call-outs for roadside assistance. They carry a sizeable load of workshop equipment including tools, spare parts, and diagnostic technology.  When not responding to emergencies, our technicians travel to customer sites in these service vans. There they can conduct regular servicing including repairs to minimise their trailer downtime.

Rental and leasing flexibility

Another “unfair advantage” that a company of our size can offer customers relative to competitors is flexibility through rental or leasing.

Flexibility can be about giving the fleet manager the opportunity to bring on additional trailers to handle the peaks of unexpected demand and return them in slower times, with little notice and without the need to own the assets outright.

Flexibility could mean you taking advantage, through rental or leasing, of our economies of scale to access better and/more recent trailer models than if your fleet manager had purchased them directly from the manufacturers. You might also change your trailers more frequently than if you owned them.

Flexibility can be about giving the fleet manager a choice of cost-effective and flexible ways of financing their trailer requirements. For short-term needs, rental could be the best option. For medium to long-term requirements, fleet managers can choose from several leasing options.

You may have missed out on the opportunity to rent or lease Pamela Anderson’s home, but you are never too late to experience and find out more about the “unfair advantages” of TIP trailer rental and leasing. For further information, please contact TIP using this form.


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