Working at TIP is like playing in the Champions League

Working at TIP is like playing in the Champions League

Abdel Bouyazidan is an Internal Sales Representative at TIP Trailer Services in Rotterdam. His role is to work with customers to understand their operational and commercial objectives and provide a TIP Trailer Services solution for them, be it trailer leasing or logistics including maintenance and repair.

Working at TIP is like playing in a European Champions League football team

For Abdel, “Working at TIP is like playing in a European Champions League football team. As an individual, I can add value to the service that we provide. At the same time, you need the team effort to be successful. In my job, there is one certainty: that you can expect the unexpected. Our blend of individual and team skills enables us to handle with confidence the many different situations that arise on a daily basis.”

His role – “4-4-2” – a formation used with four defenders, four midfielders and two attacking players

What does Abdel’s typical day look like? “So far, not a single day has been the same. There is always something different. For me, this defines the dynamic environment of leasing and logistics,” says Abdel.

He is at his desk by 8am every morning, with a coffee and laptop booted up ready to filter all his leads and decide which customer offers to follow up on first. Abdel enjoys developing relationships with his customers and finding out about their experiences.

“My goal is to give a positive experience to every customer, every day. Make each day matter. I occasionally meet customers face-to-face. This contact gives me the opportunity to gain more insights into their points of view. This also enables me to gain a greater understanding of the customer’s needs and commercial goals.”

Teamwork – “The Assist” – a pass that leads to a goal being scored

Working as a team is important to Abdel. “Team work is everything, essential for personal development and creating solutions that surpass customer expectations. Our team consists of people from a wide variety of backgrounds, nationalities and ages combining hard work and humour. For example, the poor attempts by colleagues to dodge their turn for ordering and picking-up the weekly ‘Friday food order’ are often sources of much laughter in the office!”

New skills – “Bicycle kick” – When a player kicks the ball in mid-air backwards and over his/her own head

Developing old and new skills has underpinned Abdel’s enjoyment in his role. Among them are “approaching every lead, case, customer without making any assumption, being flexible and adapting to different cases and situations.”

He is particularly proud of the success he has had in turning negative customer situations into positive ones and implementing new ideas that support the sales and marketing strategy.

Keys to success – “The play maker” – a designated player who has good vision, excellent passing ability, can open up defences and create opportunities

What attributes does it take to be successful in Abdel’s role? “You need to have a passion for helping different individuals be they fleet managers or company founders, with different needs and business goals. You need a ‘can do’ mentality to add value to the services you offer and surpass customer expectations and be willing to learn from both positive and negative situations.”

In terms of personal growth, Abdel looks forward to further developing his entrepreneurial skills to help customers find solutions and share his knowledge and experience in a management position.

Out of office – “Extra Time” – an additional period, used to determine the winner in some tied cup matches

In his Extra Time, Abdel enjoys meeting friends, going to the gym and playing football!

“Final score” – TIPTASTIC!

Asked to describe his work at TIP in one word, Abdel responded with “TIPTASTIC!”

Abdel Bouyazidian is an Internal Sales Representative at TIP Trailer Services in Rotterdam.


If you are interested in working at TIP Trailer Services, please visit our career page.


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